Project: 27 PTE/2016

Modular automated plant with high energy efficiency to improve graft yields of woody plants with difficult multiplication

Acronym: INCA


SC I.C.P.E. BISTRITA SA – Coordinator


The project aims at enhancing the competitiveness of undertaking S.C. ICPE Bistrita SA by virtue of a partnership with the Craiova University – the Valcea Fruit Tree Research & Development Centre and the Bucharest ‘Politehnica’ University – ECOMET, in order to render more efficient the production of the planting material belonging to superior biological categories within the agricultural sector with major breeding challenges, by putting on an automated modular plant, which helps improve the grafting yields. The plant will provide the necessary microclimate, by a full control over all the factors involved in the callusing process in the area of the grafting point. The plant is based on the ‘hot callusing’ method and consists in creating, only at the level of the grafting point, an optimum temperature depending on the species, by using electrical power as heating source.
The callusing plant will be made in a container with controlled temperature and humidity and the following main components:
- the callusing module, which provides the local heating of connecting area of ​​the symbionts;
- the electric air conditioning and ventilation module, which maintains the temperature and humidity in the container;
- the automation module, which ccontrols and monitors the entire plant;
- other equipment needed for the connection to the water and electrical power supply.

Stages of the project

Stage I Determination of the technical solution, design, realization and experimentation of the functional model of the automated modular callusing installation with electric heating source (TRL 5)
Deadline: 20.12.2017

Stage II  Prototyping and prototype testing of the hot callusing installation (TRL 6)
Deadline: 30.09.2018

Estimated results

Study of technical solution, design, realization and experimentation of functional model, prototype design, realization, experimentation and validation, technical feasibility study, patent application filing