Physical-chemical testing

The physical-chemical test laboratory is accredited, according to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005, by the Romanian Accrediting Association - RENAR (Accreditation Certificate no. ....).

The list of the RENAR-accredited fields : waste waters and surface waters (Appendix no. .... to the Accreditation Certificate).

The RENAR-accredited tests :
       - pH
       - conductivity
       - total matters in suspension
       - filterable residue
       - the chemical oxygen demand
       - chlorides
       - CBO5
       - ammonium
       - nitrates
       - nitrites
       - total phosphorus.

Apart from the accredited tests, the laboratory carries out some other types of tests, as well, upon the clients’ request, by applying appropriate testing methods, in pursuance of the latest editions of the test-related standards.

The physical-chemical test laboratory’s policy is oriented toward meeting the clients’ requirements and is interested in continuously improving the quality of the rendered services.

The results obtained at the schemes of comparisons amongst domestic and international laboratories prove the quality of the Physical-Chemical Laboratory.

Analytical techniques used for performing the tests :
       - spectrophotometric methods
       - volumetric methods
       - gravimetric methods
       - electrometric methods
       - optical methods.

The laboratory has got all the resources needed for carrying out quality tests under optimal conditions, in order to provide reproducibility and accuracy to the results : reacting agents / materials of an appropriate quality, high performance devices and equipment, skilled staff.

Devices and equipment used :
       - Spectrophotometer : Cintra 6
       - Spectrophotometer : Hach
       - Thermoreactor : Hach
      - Portable multi-parameter : Hach
       - Multi-parameter : WTW
       - Semi-micro analytical balance : Precisa
       - Calcination oven : Nabertherm
       - Temperature and time setting thermoreactor : ECO8
       - Thermostat enclosure with a temperature indicator
       - Bidistillator : GFL


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