Equipments and applications

Equipments and applications





Ozonisation equipment

A. Industrial ozone generators
The ozone generators produced cover a wide range of capacities (expressed in grams of ozone/hour) and they target various applications : from small systems of water treatment and purification, applications in the food industry, aquaculture, premise disinfection, until water treatment and purification applications in the area of the human settlements or for large volume swimming pools (Olympic pools).

ICPE Bistriţa manufactures and offers ozone production equipment (ozone generators) in the following ranges of capacities :
- ozone generators for premise decontamination and disinfection
- small capacity (5÷100 g ozone/hour) ozone generators
- medium capacity (100÷1000 g ozone/hour) ozone generators.

B. Complete systems of treating water by ozone
The systems of treating water by ozone involve, apart from the ozone production stage, as a basic phase, the stage pertaining to the injection, the contact and the reaction of ozone with the treated water flow. Subject to the specific configuration of the technological system where the ozone treatment stage is included, we offer complete systems for treating water by ozone :
- complete systems for treating water by ozone in contact and free level reaction tanks
- complete systems for treating water by ozone in a contact and under pressure reaction system.

The offered systems include control modules, automation and integration into SCADA systems, which are customised for every application.

C. Equipment for the thermal-catalytic destruction of residual ozone
The systems of treating water by ozone involve the degasification of an amount of residual ozone from the reaction environment. The residual ozone is discharged into the atmosphere under the form of recombined oxygen, which is a conversion that takes place by means of residual ozone thermal-catalytic destroying modules (equipment) (ozone destroyers).
According to the capacity of the ozonisation plant put in place, we provide residual ozone thermal-catalytic destroyers in the following range : Q = 1÷150 Nm3/h.

Advanced oxidation modules

Applications : drinkable water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, the food industry, water decontamination (difficultly degradable toxic organic compounds). Subject to the application, we offer :
- advanced oxidation systems by ozone photolysis (O3/UV)
- advanced oxidation systems by ozonisation and adsorption on activated charcoal (O3/CAG)
- advanced oxidation systems by radical electrochemical generation and ozonisation, in cells with Ti electrodes : E-Cell/O3
- disinfection processes for waste waters
- the utilisation of gaseous ozone within disinfection and conditioning processes.