Industrial applications

Industrial applications




The utilisation of water in various industrial fields, as a raw material or as a process agent, calls for observing certain quality parameters of the water. This one is an important natural resource, so that its rational utilisation and the implementation of recycling strategies (where appropriate) become tremendously important aspects in the cycle of the industrial usages.

We underpin the partners from various areas of the industry by coming up with solutions and by implementing technologies and equipment for water treatment, conditioning and recycling in the following fields :

The food industry :
        - the treatment of the water used as raw material within drinks bottling and preparation processes, by using combined processes of ozonization, treatment by UV radiation and filtering ;
        - the treatment by ozonisation of the water used as a process agent for hygienising the manufacturing lines and within the packing operations, with an aim to increase the process efficiency and to avoid the excess utilisation of the chemical agents ;
        - The utilisation of the ozonised water as a process water involves the generation of certain energetic local disinfection and smell removal processes by the action of the dissolved ozone from the water.

Aquaculture :
        - the treatment of the water from the fish tanks by ozonisation and bio-filtering, for disinfection and metabolism product removal purposes, within the process of water recirculation.

The cellulose & paper industry :
        - the treatment of the technological water by ozonisation and filtering processes, with a view of using one’s own sources of water and of enhancing the degree of recirculation

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry :
        - the utilisation of the ozonisation and advanced oxidation processes during the process water pretreatment and disinfection stages

The energy industry :
        - the treatment of the cooling water by ozonisation and advanced oxidation processes, in order to eliminate the development of the bio-films and the algae proliferation in the cooling systems.